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Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale's New Combatants

Sony is slowly revealing details about All-Stars, and we got our hands on Nathan Drake and a Big Daddy in the game, as well as the Vita version.

The Big Daddy from BioShock is the slowest character among those playable in the demo, but he's punishing to anyone around him. When he fills his power meter at the bottom of the screen, three levels of super attacks are available in successive tiers. The first is a Little Sister he can release at a nearby enemy. The second is an area attack that kills everyone instantly, and the third is a giant flood that consumes the whole level.

Uncharted's Nathan Drake is much more nimble of a fighter, and his super attacks are a propane tank he can detonate, a concrete pillar he can topple (for a long-range attack), and a sarcophagus that unleashes a horde of zombies on the level (in that order).

SuperBot says it still has other details about the game that it hasn't revealed like the different multiplayer modes, single-player, and the complete roster of fighters. A hedgehog grenade from the Resistance series is one of the items you can pick up in levels, so it's a good bet that a character from the franchise will be among the final list.

I also played the Vita version of the game (which features cross-save and cross-play functionality with the PS3 version), and it plays just as well as the console edition. Super attacks can be initiated either by swiping the back touchscreen or by hitting L1 and R1 at the same time.

As good as the Vita version looks, the one criticism I have is that it can be a little hard to see the items you can pick up in the environment.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale comes out for the PS3 and Vita this winter.

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  • This game looks fun! Can't wait to to see the full roster.

  • I'm quite liking the line-up of this game. Now, if they could get Mr. Bubbles in the game, then there's no reason Solid Snake shouldn't be in.
  • Nice to also see the helgast above, they are really gettin a nice list

  • The success of this game rides on the inclusion of third-party characters - Sony's exclusive lineup just can't touch Nintendo's as-is.
  • PlayStation does not have enough cool, exclusive characters to do this type of game as of right now. Super Smash Bros. will always remain king in my opinion. It's just that I'd prefer to play as Meta Knight and Lucario rather than...Fat Princess....
  • And so the pig says to the horse, "hey pal, why the long face?"

    My unicorn mask came in. Picture will be up on my page very shortly...stay tuned.

  • IDK how I feel about this game.
  • Where's Ezio? He was in the "TO MICHAEL!" commercial, but not Big Daddy.
  • Still skeptical about this one. Hopefully there wont just be one mode because the mode they showed at E3 didn't really interest me that much. All in all the lineup looks pretty solid and cross platforming looks pretty smooth. Hope it doesn't just come out mediocre!

  • Looks like it will be good but it does seem to have the same "essence" as Super Smash Bros. I'm also glad to see it isn't a total copy and paste of Super Smash Bros.

  • While its a blantant rip-off from Smash Bros it still looks like great fun but im only get this game if the roster is HUGEEEE like Smash bros is as big or bigger
  • The level in this screenshot is from the Jak series right?
    Can see a warp portal and the style looks right.
  • Big Daddy, YES.
  • I must say I am pretty excited for this game.

  • If a KH character is in this, I'm sold instantly.
  • I'm thinking they should make deals with all the big name 3rd party developers! Get Ezio in there maybe The Dragonborn, maybe we could get Scorpion (After all they did get Kratos in the last MK)or even Batman (which maybe harder to get yet I believe he would play similar to Snake). If they do that they will have a really big game on their hands. The key lies in 3rd party developers to garner mass attention
    Edit: Another cool charachter might be Isaac from Dead Space: Plasma Cutter, Summoning Necromorphs
  • In my opinion, doesn't look that good since its a total copy of super smash bros. Sony needs to be a little bit more unique.
  • only your super attacks can kill a player. thats an awful system
  • I have a feeling this game is going to flop, hopefully I'm wrong.
  • Uhm, so far Smash is still better. A lot of these people are right. The fact that you can't really eliminate players without that super attack is probably the worst flaw of the game. Also, I think that each player will have their own story. That could be good, but usually that messes up the story by making it confusing and hard to keep track of the game's timeline.

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