Let me first start off by saying a couple of things. One, I read GI and follow their reviews to a T every time, almost. If they say a game is bad? There is a HIGH probability that I will never play that game. I trust their judgement and their opinions that much, we are normally always on the same page when it comes to taste in games. Secondly, I have been a huge PvZ fan since the first one on my Android.

Those facts being stated, I now have to say,,, a 6.5!?! Really GI??? What game did you play?? Because I think we may have played different versions. At $40 for the full game, I really can't see complaining much at all, simply because of that alone. The gameplay is solid, I hit NO lag spikes or drop in framerate at ANY point in time. I play with friends and even have a blast with randoms. You don't take the game too seriously, so K/D ratio and all that nonsense never really takes a position of concern in your mindset. Which, for me personally, is an incredibly welcomed breath of fresh air!

I think the horde mode is fun, and despite that there are only a few modes, they never seem to tire of being fun. You constantly want to get new things and abilities for your characters, so it always feels at the end of that 10th wave, you got a bunch of beautiful currency to buy card packs for the chance to get some really cool and unique items for your characters! I like the system, I know some don't, but it encourages you to play more. The custom things you get are really creative too! My Fire Cactus currently is sporting 2 garden knomes for firepower!

I think more modes to the game would have been nice, but again, at $40, I'm more than happy with the purchase and the quality of the game. I'm very, very confused by the review handed down by GI... I encourage everyone to at least rent this one! It's a lot of fun!

Happy hunting, my friends!! B-R-A-I-N-S-S-S!!

-AoD iiNSaNe