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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

It's Undead Vs. Flora All Over Again

The best zombie vs. plant third-person shooter ever produced has landed on PlayStation consoles today (admittedly, we can only think of the one). To celebrate, EA has dropped a launch trailer to remind players of what to expect from the zany shooter.

The PlayStation 4 version will include split-screen co-op as well as Remote Play through the Vita. This edition will also include all previous DLC and game modes.

For PC users, you can download Garden Warfare for free on Origin and have 72 hours to play it from when you first load it up. Be sure to read our review of the Xbox versions of the game as well.

We reported that this former Xbox One exclusive would be coming to PlayStation back in May. It has since also launched on PC. This launch on PlayStation is yet another example of timed console exclusives.

Rise of the Tomb Raider, though initially purported to be entirely exclusive to the Xbox One, has since been revealed to be a timed exclusive, implying the potential launch on other consoles. In addition, Ryse: Son of Rome, an Xbox One launch title, is heading to PC. Garden Warfare is yet another example of this seemingly rising trend.

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  • Just bought this on ps4! Downloading now can't wait to play it looks like so much fun!

  • I've been playing it (on PS4) since 9pm yesterday, it's a fun game. It will hold me over until Destiny comes out.
  • I've had such a blast with this game on the 360, that I bought it for the One as well. So, to the Sony fans, I'm happy that you all get a chance to enjoy it as well. 40 dollars well spent, in my opinion.

  • I picked up this and Diablo III, so I'm really looking forward to sinking in some time to each after work tonight. 5:00 can not come soon enough ...

  • Man this does look like a lot of fun. I might get this sometime in the near future.

  • tried the 3 day pass thing on PC and definitely getting it for PS4. its really a blast. I was very pleasantly surprised

  • Great game glad playstation owners now get a chance to enjoy it.

  • "The best zombie vs. plant third-person shooter ever produced" How can it be the best if it's the ONLY one of it's kind?
  • Played it on X1q for the first time in a few weeks since I had already gotten all the achievements, and man they added a ton of new stuff. Looking forward to playing it again now.

  • COOL :D