Everyone remembers at least hearing of the original Plants Versus Zombies. It was fun, fast, and had a delightfully pleasant atmosphere about it. Even when faced off against the largest horde you've ever seen, it was hard not to smile at their goofy animations, arch-types, and even sounds (here's to you, Michael Jackson Zombie). Plus, that ending song. Just, that ending song.

Cut forwards to today. Finally, a new Plants Versus Zombies game, and it's just as good as the original. Addicting, fast, silly, and with more plant puns than you've ever seen before (it's hard to beat the first one, but Popcap doesn't like settling for less). It's a true sequel to the original 2009 game I played on my computer in between classes.

If there is anything to be said against this new PvZ, it's that it is a free-to-play. While the majority of the plants can be won in the game, the fact that it tantalizes money-bought rewards in front of you can be annoying, and like most F2P games there is a lot of grinding between segments. However, unlike other iPhone games, there is no cooldown between plays. You can grind through PvZ without having to stop, or at least until life forces you to.

In general, this is a must have game for anyone with a smart device and a love of the original. I haven't beaten it yet, I am sad to report, but I can say that I am looking eagerly towards later levels and the victory song, whatever that may be. I trust that it'll top the original hit, "There's a Zombie on your Lawn".