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plants vs zombie guide

Plants vs Zombies

plants vs zombie guide

im mike and il be taking u thru this guide of plants vs zombis, and will be giving you tips,and explaning the game to you. when you start of on plants vs zombies you will go thru many diffrent levels meaning lot of weponds. when the game starts there will be gold suns that fall from the skythat you do want to get. Getting the suns is how u get the credit you need to get othe weponds. Now when you get enough suns you can start filling the whole back row with the pea shooters then if i have any extra suns left you can usully put some of the nuts in the second row of your yard to block the zombies frome getting to the plants and do note that if a plant does get eatin you have a lawn  mower to take out the zombie but there is only one mower per row. there are small waves of zombies that will come and attack and watch for zombies that have surtin ways u have to kill them. other than that get those suns and kill those zombies and comment any questions to me and il get right back.