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  • Blog Post: PvZ Rocks

    Awesome Game, play on just about anything More
  • Blog Post: Plants vs. Zombies

    With childish graphics and the cute music, you get to fight zombies a whole new way. Most of the time, you will see those zombie killing games rated M because of all the blood, gore, and swears. Though, this is a whole new way to kill zombies. Plants taking up there war helmets and defending the house... More
  • Blog Post: Perfect way to spend downtime.

    Not many platformers out there really last long. This is not one of those games. Plants vs. zombies is the classic tower defense genre, and they nail it just right. Almost every level results in new zombies, plants, powers, enemy types, enviroment, and the list just goes on. If you have any console and... More
  • Blog Post: Plants vs. Zombies experience

    This game is awesome I originally dismissed it as another one of those stupid waste of time games but when I tired it out I relized that there was more to it than just plants and zombies but that it was actually a statagey game. Now that it's on the X-box and it has multiplayer that just adds to... More
  • Blog Post: Plantastic (srry about the horrible pun)

    Great game but got tired of it soon pretty corny music got stuck in my head More
  • Blog Post: You Don't Want Zombies on Your Lawn

    When Plants vs. Zombies was originally released on PC, I tossed it to the side as another PopCap game that would be a good way to kill some time, but ultimately fall short in terms of replay value. Then I played it. Not only did I get it for PC, but also my iPod and now my 360. For those who have never... More
  • Blog Post: Well worth the price!

    Although before this i have never owned the game, i always enjoyed playing it on the display iPad in various locations. When I noticed that this game was being released agaon for the xbox 360, i was very happy. I have been playing it literally non stop since i pick it up at gamestop for the midnight... More
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