When Plants vs. Zombies was originally released on PC, I tossed it to the side as another PopCap game that would be a good way to kill some time, but ultimately fall short in terms of replay value. Then I played it. Not only did I get it for PC, but also my iPod and now my 360.

For those who have never played the game, now is the perfect time. With the addition of local multiplayer and the ability to customize, to an extent, your house on the leaderboards the game is a steal at $15. For veterans, the new additions will give you a reason to replay the game, though it does have a tired feeling to it. When I heard there were additions to the zombie lineup, I expected more than the trashcan zombie. Also, the game does suffer from the problem of running out of things to buy. I enjoy buying the upgrades to the houses, but this version throws Zen Garden plants at you, hardly making money an issue. Also, the one, new mini-game is fun, but doesn't top some of the originals.

As far as controls go, PvZ transitioned well from its other ports. Collecting sun and coins has been made much easier now that you don't have to click each individual one. When it comes to planting however, the D-pad is your safest pick as at times the controls for the analog stick aren't as tight as you want them to be and in the heat of the moment you can plant something one spot over, with devastating results. (I'm talking Survival Endless.)

Finally, the new multiplayer modes are fun, but can be a tad complicated. Co-op has you each pick four plants and share sun. The proximity of your "sun magnet" can have one of you pick up sun accidentally and leave the other, who may have the necessary plant, high and dry. Also, the butter function takes a ton of skill out of the game and makes the game almost too easy. That said, Co-op is a ton of fun to play with a friend, and the two player Wall-nut Bowling game is a blast. Versus puts one as plants and one as zombies, which is pretty basic if you've played the campaign and the "I, Zombie" puzzle games. Unfortunately I've found that playing as the zombies is quite a bit easier to win since you can come out of the gates with stronger zombies than your opponent's plants. Maybe my friends and I are just that bad as plants though. Also, I would have liked online multiplayer, but that may be asking a bit much for $15.

Veteran or new, Plants vs. Zombies is an excellent game that I would highly suggest to anyone. Who knows, maybe there will be additional DLC or a sequel on the way. Regardless, the core game is worth the price. Actually, just listening to Crazy Dave is worth the price.