Although before this i have never owned the game, i always enjoyed playing it on the display iPad in various locations. When I noticed that this game was being released agaon for the xbox 360, i was very happy. I have been playing it literally non stop since i pick it up at gamestop for the midnight release of Dead Rising 2. This game is truly amazing, From what i understand this game adds a co op mode which works relly well, although you are working together with a friend you are still fighting to get all the sunlight that you can. The VS is also highly addicting. One play takes control of the plants and the other uses "Brain Power" to summon zombies ranging from the Flag zombie (which summons a horde) to the Zamboni zombies. The games go but quick and are perfect for a small 10- 20 min break between studying. Also just to let you know that for the $20 price you get the game disc (for those of just that cant afford to lose any hard dravie space... !@#$ you 20gb hard drive) and on the game disc also has the full game of Zuma and Peggle, which are both very good games... not as good as PvZ but still very worth the modest price of $20