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Planetside 2 Angry Review (doveboyz style)

This is the worst shooter, mmo, and PC game I have ever played. To start off, when you get onto the battlefeild no one is there! You need to f*cking walk like 50 miles to get action. If you are lucky then and enginer will build a teleprter. So that is a peice of sh*t

Im sorry for all of the foul language but realy this game is not all that great. Pictures decive you and this game is more deciving then Runescape. That says alot.

So get the game if you want. I don't recomend it but you can.

  • Really? This much hate, and you don't even go into much detail on why. I would have to say I do not agree with this at all. I could always find enemys to fight and I did not walk 50 miles. I do not agree with this at all.

  • You haven't played the game for more than two minutes.