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PlanetSide 2 On PS4 Will Be Playable At E3

PlanetSide 2 has an enormous community on PC and a healthy economic driven in part by fan-created customization elements. Sony Online is on target to release the free-to-play title later this year on PlayStation 4, and it will be playable next week at E3.

Sony has re-confirmed that the title will be in front of the PlayStation Plus paywall, so you won’t need a membership in order to take part. You can get a look at the game running on PlayStation 4 in the new E3 trailer.

For more on PlanetSide 2, you can read a recent interview with senior art director Tramell Isaac.

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  • happy to see how it'll work on PS4. I hope they don't have cross platform, PS4 players will be crushed by Mouse and keyboard. It's a fun game though, I bet they'll enjoy it
  • Soon my pretty soon.

  • This game will have some very intense battles. I must admit, I couldn't stand a chance on the PC version. I showed up pretty late, and it seemed like everybody was a lot more better geared up for the game, than I was at the time lol. Maybe I'll have a better chance at some victories on the PS4 version. Here's hoping. ;D
  • That's pretty awesome, I can't wait to play. How many people can be in one game?
  • Been waiting on this one. my PC COULDNT RUN IT .. yehh i know..( head down in shame)
  • This looks very good and I can't wait to play it.

  • Just give me an official release date, I hate all the hype and build up. Yes I play it on PC but I want to play it on PS4 lol.
  • Heh heh, this looks cool.

  • the pc version is ok

  • Oh yeah. This is gonna be great. I can't wait to fly a support ship and drop troops into battle! I like doing that kind of thing.