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PlanetSide 2

Planetside 2 Trailer Features Impeccable Computer Generated Stubble

There's no true gameplay to be seen, but it's still quite the impressive spectacle. And I am not just talking about the beards.

As a concept video for Planetside 2, this is an impressive trailer showing off all kinds of interesting gameplay mechanics, like calling in for back-up, jetpacking from drop-ship to drop-ship taking out enemies before they even land, and invisible ninja ladies.

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  • Holy Crap!  That may be the best trailer of all time.  Quick!  Show it to some Zelda fans and see if they cry.

  • "NOT ACTUAL GAMEPLAY" But imagine if it was... Either way, it looks awesome, and I have a hankerin' to make more armor.

  • Looks good

  • That was pretty intense.

  • I mustash you a question, but I'll shave it for later.

  • I love findng this kind of awesome stuff when eye brows gameinformer.

  • cant wait to get a gaming pc. this, dark souls, and diablo 3 = ALL NIGHTERRRRR!!! SO MUCH WIN!!!!

  • I already have my beta access. Bring it on baby!

  • Really like trailers like these. Wish they could make games with this much quality or at least cool CG movies.

  • Not a bad trailer. It got me excited for the game.

  • It looks good, dont get me wrong, but we all know games are NEVER like there trailers. If i can do all that stuff exactly how that guy did it in the trailer im sold. If not, stick to making movies.


  • Too many FPS games to acheive any meaningful rank if I play them all.  I have to say that this one looks bad ass though!

  • that trailer was Awesome! I might just play this because of the trailer, even if i don't know a thing about it.

  • never look try see read

  • I'm not sure I remember planetside 1 lol

  • Very nice cgi trailer... but i have had enough of FPS for the next 2 years..

  • Looks cool.