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PixelJunk SideScroller

PixelJunk SideScroller Gameplay Looks Hard

PixelJunk seems determined to release a plainly titled game from every major genre, and up next is the sidescrolling shooter genre. The trailer for the game, seen below, shows classic sidescrolling shooting with a cool neon inspired art-style. The game also looks very hard, and offers the hardcore difficulty which is apparently designed for the for the most hardcore, bullet-spraying veterans. The game will also run in full 1080p resolution at 60 frames-per-second, which is alwasy an impressive feat.

Keep an eye out for PixelJunk: SideScroller exclusively on the PlayStation Network on October 25.

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  • <3 pixel junk

  • Jeez that looks REALLY hard lol but looks great

  • Woah O_o'

  • I don't play many shooters but this looks really fun.

  • Ahhh. Good old school fun! <3

  • Yes! Looks wonderful!

  • I wish that it would come out for XBLA. Oh well it still looks pretty friggen sweet.

  • Yet another reason for me to want a PS3...

  • Somehow...this seems harder than Dark Souls. Ugh. Do I want to get it? It's only $10. Of course I want to get it! Plus look at how pretty it i! Pretty colors...pretty sounds...pretty explosions of death....so...pretty...-stares-

  • I've never played a PixelJunk game before, but this one looks pretty good. I may have to try it out.
  • That looked insanely hard and whoiever played that was a god

  • Looks hard, but looks fun as well.

  • Sweetness confirmed

  • awesomeness.

  • Hey Kyle, you misspelled "always." Game looks cool though.

  • R-Type anyone?
  • I like side scrollers, I'll check it out. These kind of games are supposed to be difficult.

  • that looks difficult.

  • SOLD!! I absolutely love old school games.

  • Ikaruga anyone? I can't wait to play this.
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