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Pilotwings Resort

Nintendo Returns To The Skies With A Fresh Take On 3D Gaming

Nintendo surprised gamers with a number of 3DS titles during their presentation, including a full-fledged sequel to their popular flight series, PilotWings. The game is PilotWings Resort, and we recently tried out two of the game’s events that will be familiar to PilotWings fans: the airplane and rocket belt events. How did they perform on the new hardware? Read our impressions inside.

PilotWings Resort takes place on the island from Wii Sports Resort, but is reportedly a completely new game. Players control their character in the upper screen, utilizing the 3D capabilities of the new handheld. The island you fly around looks pretty simplistic, but is wide open (it’s clear the project is still very early in development as well). Like the Kid Icarus: Uprising demo, the sense of depth was impressive when flying around the environment – the analog stick also performed admirably as well.

The airplane level I played is pretty basic, requiring the player to fly through a series of rings, while dodging buildings and trees. I noticed a little bit of distortion when objects approached the edges of the screen, but otherwise the visuals are solid. The rocket belt event brings back fond memories, as it's still easy to overshoot your targets unless you judiciously feathered the gas.

The bottom screen is used for displaying the game’s map, which shows off how big the island is. We’ll have to wait and see what other events will be included in PilotWings Resort, but instead of trying to shoehorn new controls into an old franchise, this series is a perfect implementation for Nintendo's new technology. We’ll bring you more on PilotWings Resort in the upcoming months.

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  • Pilotwings was my favorite 64 game!

    Do you have to buy the 3DS tho?

  • didnt nintendo also say that there will be paper mario and starfox 64 (according to the E3 Nintendo site)

  • more good news about the 3ds is great

  • It's called an a control slider or something, not an analog stick.

    And you should really press Nintendo about releasing footage of some of their announced games. I want to see Super Street Fighter IV on 3DS!

  • That's kind of cool I've never heard of Pilotwings though.

  • So the analog stick works well? Between that and the description of Skyward Sword's controls as "fantastic," I think Nintendo knocked it out of the park this year!

  • Look how bulky the 3DS is. I am surprised that not a single person has yet pointed out the very, very obvious. Nintendo purposely makes their first gen handhelds bulky so they can make them smaller and smaller for future released. Think about it, if Nintendo made it small and sleek the first time around they wouldn't be able to release redesigns like the DS Lite and DSi.

  • PilotWings Resort? Never heard of it.

  • can't wait, more news is good news.

  • 3DS already has me sold on the OoT remake. I am looking forward to the more complex titles it will bring along. The Kid Icarus title looks quite impressive.

  • to much good news

  • With Kid Icarus, Pilotwings and Star Fox all announced (and in some cases, shown off with some very impressive trailers - kid icarus *wink wink*) for the 3DS, i'm actually excited for this thing. I mean, if you're going to do a 3D console, might as well show it off with three flight-based games, no? These all should look KILLER on this handheld...

  • Good times with the ol' Pilot Wings 64... does a remake have a place in the current market? We'll see...

    Edit: I forgot this is tied to Nintendo by association, and is a remake. It will sell millions regardless of quality.
  • Wow, this game reminds me of Wii Sports Resort. I bet it will be fun to play with friends.