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Racing The Clock In Pikmin 3’s Mission Mode

Nintendo let us try out Pikmin 3’s campaign mode during last year’s E3, and now the company is showing off Mission Mode. Players switch between captains Alph, Brittany, and Charlie to gather as much fruit and gold before time expires. We also got some details on the competitive multiplayer Bingo Mode.

In my hands-on time with Mission Mode, I used the new flying Pikmin and regular types to collect as many goodies as possible within seven minutes. Switching between the three captains with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck is quick and easy, and allows players to spread out across the map for maximum efficiency. The captains can even toss each other up on high ledges to gather new patches of Pikmin.

Flying Pikmin are great for quickly traveling over water and creating new passageways. These aerial helpers can lift heavy gates and hold them open so other units can pass through. Watching these winged pink critters fly along with your ever-expanding Pikmin posse is fun. Consuming nectar upgrades these units and the rest of the Pikmin into faster, stronger assistants.  Unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough, and didn’t qualify for the bronze medal when time expired. Nintendo promises a healthy amount of these Mission Mode maps will be available.

Nintendo is also introducing a new competitive Bingo Mode. Players rush to collect items from the environment and bring them back to their ships. This earns them a token on their big bingo boards. The goal is to collect enough items to complete a line and win the match. The competing captains can also toss Pikmin at each other to trip them up. Deceased Pikmin can later be resurrected at the ship.

These extra modes look like enjoyable, replayable distractions from Pikmin’s campaign. Pikmin 3 comes to Wii U August 4. For more details on Pikmin 3, click here.

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  • Nintendoland actually got my wife to play video games with me for the first time in ten years of marriage. The Pikmin adventure is one she's really good at. You bet I'll be picking up this title.
  • Glad as heck that school doesn't start again for me until September, 'cause Pikmin 3'll keep me playing my Wii U ALL summer long. PIKMIN!!!
  • Olimar is in the multiplayer screenshots. Check it out.

  • Mod

    The art style of this series looks great on the new hardware. Lots of detail and very colorful. I can't wait to play this.

  • I'm so glad this game comes out the day before my birthday! It means I get to play it sooner!

  • Pikmin was gorgeous on the Gamecube when it was released so I can imagine how nice it will look on the Wii U. Kudos!!!

  • This is the greatest idea Nintendo has come up with in recent years, other than allowing Xenoblade to come over for Wii.
  • I should probably finish Pikmin 2 sometime this summer...

  • The Bingo mode looks really fun, I imagine having a good time with that one when friends and family come over.

  • I love most of the new piikmin, but timed missions might not be the best thing. Guess ill have to wait and see