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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies Quiz DLC Won't Be Localized

Capcom recently revealed that North America will get Dual Destinies' Turnabout Return DLC, but it also revealed that North America won't be getting the game's other announced quiz DLC.

The reasoning behind the quiz's absence in America seems sound. On the announcement blog on Capcom Unity's website, when fans questioned if the quiz was coming to North America, Capcom senior community manager Chris Antista replied, "Unfortunately, the quiz DLC won't be coming to western territories since it requires an in-depth knowledge of Japanese culture."

[Source: Capcom Unity via GoNintendo]

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  • I guess that makes sense. Most of us wouldn't be able to enjoy it.

  • That's why you localize it to require in-depth knowledge about American culture.
  • Localization and Translation are 2 different things, or so I thought. A straight up translation would be making the Japanese script into an English script, with some liberties being taken to give the script character, instead of being very literal to the point of it being stupid (Look at fan translations for example).

    Localization would be to make it somehow relevant to the region that is getting it. Look at Earthbound as an example. Many things were edited to make more sense / be funny for the Western market seeing as alot of the Japanese jokes and references would not make sense without knowledge on spoken Japanese or Japanese culture.

    Either way, if it is just a DLC quiz, I think we can live without it.

  • Yeah makes sense I suppose...The fact that this game is getting so much DLC dosnt though..its just bizare.

  • Why can't they just adjust it? Isn't that the whole point of localization, to change it so people of a different audience can understand it?

  • Objection! I don't know what this series is about

  • Do it anyway for the Weeaboos.

  • WAITWAITWAIT!!!! M?????

  • none the less im interested in this franchise and will probably be my entrance point to the series

  • Meh, whatever they decide to do is fine. At least we're getting this game over here at all.

  • Can't wait for this game. Played and loved every Ace Attorney thus far. Hoping for a September release.


  • This makes sense, so I'm not mad about this.

  • But the thing is, what about the unlockables that are part of the quiz dlc? So we won't get to play as Feenie?

  • that sucks, even if it makes sense. maybe they can make another quiz DLC for us here in the states?

  • I feel like a lot of the people who will be buying this game have "in-depth knowledge of Japanese culture". Still, speaking as a translator, that's what localization is for.