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Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

North American Release Date Announced, With Animated Opening

Atlus has revealed the North American release date for Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. Fans of the series can look forward to first-person dungeon crawling and seeing their favorite characters from Personas 3 and 4 interact when the game comes stateside.

The 3DS RPG released in Japan on June 5, and is the first of four new Persona titles announced for North America earlier this year. Atlus teamed up with the developers behind Etrian Odyssey for Shadow of the Labyrinth to create a hybrid dungeon-crawling RPG that combines the map-making and first-person perspective of Etrian with the characters and style of Persona. 

Persona Q sees new characters join the cast members of Personas 3 and 4 as they team up to explore Yasogami High School’s eerie clock tower. Along the way, they battle shadows, talk to one another, and unravel a mystery. The game features a cutesy, chi-bi version of Persona’s signature artistic style, which you can see in the opening movie below. More importantly, the cinematic gives us a first glimpse of how Persona characters react to one another. Yu shakes Makoto’s hand, Rise seems to be helping Fuuka overcome her shyness, and Teddy turns into a real boy (!) to dance with Aegis. It’s very exciting.

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will release for 3DS on November 25. It will be available in both a regular edition and a “The Wild Cards” Premium edition. 

This spin-off RPG marks the first time a Persona game has come out for a Nintendo system. We’ve got all sorts of other info on it, so head herehere, or here for more on the games’ cast, and here or here for more on the labyrinth players will be exploring. If you want to know more about the other Persona games coming to North America, we’ve got you covered, too

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  • Mod

    Woot, finally! :D It's coming out a little later than I would have hoped, but at least I'll have a ton of time to spend on it with Christmas break coming right afterwards!


  • Just a heads up for newbies to the series, don't let the art style fool you. This ain't Pokemon.
  • I wonder if everyone being able to switch between different Personae like in the first two games is a sign that Philemon will be coming back. Igor's Japanese voice actor died, which is why Elizabeth and Margaret are doing the fusions in this game, so maybe Philemon will come back because of the events of this game and manage the Velvet Room directly for 5.

  • I'm so freakin' excited. I love Etrian Odyssey and I love Persona.

  • You had me at etrian odyessy mixed with persona. Seriously though atlus continues to impress by bring us games like this.

  • Isn't it Aigis, not Aegis? Regardless, I can't decide whether I want this game or not. I love Persona with a burning passion, but I only played about half an hour of the Etrian Odyssey demo before I decided it wasn't for me. Maybe I should see if Milllenium Girl (at least I think that's what the remake is called) is cheap and give it another shot.
  • Mod

    Woo, pretty exciting. The intro is really great!

    Now onward to the last 2 Persona games that needs more coverage.

  • I wish I had a 3DS so I could play this.
  • WOO! Can't wait! This sent chills down my spine. The upbeat music, the colorful and well done animation. COMMENCE HYPE MACHINE!!

  • I'm pretty sure this release date has been common knowledge for a long while now... anyways, the real issue is that Mr. Mackin spelled Charlie's name wrong, it has neither a "Y" nor a "U".

  • *screaming like a girl*

  • That was a really fun trailer. Persona 4 Golden was my first Vita game and it was amazing. Persona 3 is on PSN and now that I've learned that it has a dog as a party member I will be downloading it as soon as I can free up $20.
  • Two weeks ago I did not understand the excitement for Persona. Now I know and it is weird that a spin off game is getting a spin off game. LOL!

  • November is so far away....but at least we'll have Ultimax in September to keep us busy until then. Super stoked!

  • Darn - I got rid of my 3DSXL about a month ago. Man, why!

  • You write as if Teddy turning into a real boy is something new lol

  • So we've got OR/AS coming out Nov. 21, then this 4 days later? That's gonna be an expensive week...

  • Any word on an Australian release date, or are we going to miss out on Atlus goodness again?