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Persona 4 Golden is a great Japanese Role-Playing game, I spent 61+ hours on it on my first play-thru and it was a great, enjoyable story that I soon became well immersed into this game.  I have never played a Persona game before and was told this would've been a great start into the series.  I have to admit I had a lot of fun getting to know the characters, the school fun-facts and all the things you can do in-game. 

Let's talk about gameplay.  The real-world can be a little boring when it came to looking for clues to find a missing person in the TV world, but aside from that you have things to do like hanging out with friends, making lunches to take to school, doing a part-time job, going to the movies, shopping, spending time with your family, gardening, fishing, bug catching, fusing Personas, buying costumes/outfits for your characters to wear in the dungeons; there's just so much you can do but you have 1 year to solve the case until you have to go back home.  The dungeons were a little boring to explore, I was kinda expecting random dungeons like in the Dark Cloud series where it would have more of an impact upon exploring but at least they didn't drag on forever to make it more tedious.  There were some monsters in this game that can be a real pain, especially the rare ones, I only had problems with the floating masks since at that time I didn't know what their weaknesses were and the physical, elec, ice, fire, wind attacks were doing nothing to them. So I'd give a gameplay score of 7.5.

Now about Story; I enjoyed how the game gave you a choice what your 'character' can say/do at some times, especially during school when you were given a choice to answer a question and then using said questions on exams during finals during the school so you have to pay attention in school cause sometimes you might miss a question and regret it later.

What I really had fun with though is the holidays and events that were held in the game, some of them were so funny I couldn't help but laugh, and some parts were I just felt sad with certain situations, just cause you fall in love with the characters your interacting with.  I'll rate the Story a 9.5.

Now to talk about Sound; the music, and voices are done very well.  The music is very catchy and are very fitting with the moods of certain events going on in the game.  You'll find yourself humming the battle theme or even listening the soundtracks that are saved in the main menu along with watching the anime clips you've seen in-game, you even get to watch and listen to Persona concerts. I have to say I give the music a rating of 9.

There was only 1 problem I had with P4G and that was with the connecting to internet function while I was in a dungeon, I was stuck on this screen for 1 hour until I decided that I just had to restart the game and load up from my last save.  I would've thought that they'd have an option to exit out of that if there was no way you could connect to the net, but the other times I was on it from the beginning of the game to the end, I had no problems except for that one time. 

Overall I'd have to say, if your big into RPG's and your looking for a good story and game for your PSV then I'd recommend Persona 4 Golden is great to add to your collection.  But this isn't a good game for kids with the murder and certain themes the game contains.

Gameplay 7.5 / Story 9.5 / Sound 9

Overall Score 9

Thank you for taking your time to read through this review and hope you found it useful!