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Persona 4 Golden

Atlus Releases New Persona 4 Golden Trailer

Persona 4 Golden, the more-than-just-an-HD-update to the 2008 Japanese RPG, is a huge hit in Japan. It will be making its way to North America soon. The game is set for release on November 20, and Atlus released a trailer to remind people to hold onto their Vitas if they want in on some sweet Japanese adolescent monster fighting action.

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  • I...must...get...PS VITA!

  • Still having fun with P3P on my Vita.  I have never played P4 since P3P is my introduction to this great franchise.  It's truly an amazing game and I cannot wait for P4G to be available.  I have played a lot of RPGs and this one is very unique and addicting.  Can't wait to see what P4G has in store for me.

  • "sweet adolescent japanese monster fighting action".. They ,make it sound pervy. To be honest, I can wait for this game either. Got my vita on standby just for this game. In the meantime, ill be making a run through Xenongears. Awesome game.

  • i'm ready to sink hours in this game. very stoked for this

  • "Atlus released a trailer to remind people to hold onto their Vitas.." It's like ATLAS knows it's game is the only reason why I haven't sold the vita yet.

  • I will have to content myself with gazing longingly at my limited edition of the game until I acquire a Vita. P4G and AC: Liberation are the reasons I'm planning to purchase the system.

  • One of the few reasons to hold on to my VITA

  • I will admit it is why I bought my Vita but after playing 3 a little and playing the fighting game... I feel like I'm going to hate it. The characters in 4 seem so damn boring compared to 3.

  • okay

  • I've always wanted to get into these games. Definitely will give the PSP versions a shot.


    By the way, you'd think that since this game is for Vita, it'd have better graphics. Doesn't look like this game is taking much advantage of the system's hardware...