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Payday: The Heist Weapons and Enemies Guide

Payday: The Heist

Payday: The Heist Weapons and Enemies Guide

During your heists in Payday, you will be facing a variety of enemies weak and strong. In this guide I will tell you about these enemies, as well as the hardware at your disposal for taking them down.


AMCAR-4-This is an accurate and high-damaging assault rifle, and is your starting weapon for the game. It is a great choice for any player who wants a medium to long range weapon. Upgrades for this gun can be found in all three unlock trees.

Reinbeck- This is the main shotgun in the game, one of two. Unlike shotguns in other games, the Reinbeck actually has some range on it and is quite accurate. However, this accuracy means that you will have to aim down the sights constantly in order to succeed. This gun is unlocked in the support tree and upgrades can be found there.

COM-5- An accurate SMG. The damage leaves much to be desired, however the gun is both accurate and has a large clip size without upgrades. This gun is found in the support tree and upgrades can be found there. Also, the COM-5 occupies the support weapon slot, effectively allowing the user to have two primary weapons.

Brenner-The machine gun in Payday, no surprises here. Large clip size, good damage, long reload time. The gun is found in the Assault tree, as are it's upgrades.

Bronco- Every game has a power pistol, and Payday is no exception. The Bronco is a one-hit kill to unarmored enemies, however many players favor other pistols due to the Bronco only having six shots to spare before a long reload time. This gun is unlocked in the support tree.

B9-5- The default pistol in the game, the B9-5 benefits from a large clip and fast rate of fire, but suffers from low damage. Many players prefer this gun for spamming shots and for it's low damage, which makes it easier to capture police.

Crosskill .45- This gun is the middle ground for the pistols, boasting better damage than the B9-5 and a better clip size than the Bronco. Many experienced players choose this gun because it has some of the better qualities from both the B9-5 and the Bronco. This gun is an Assault tree unlock.

Locomotive 12g- Found in the Sharpshooter tree, the Locomotive is the baby cousin of the Reinbeck. The two are basically the same, with the Locomotive being generally a bit less good than the Reinbeck in every area. On the upside the locomotive can be carried along with a primary weapon.

Mark-11- The Mark 11 is an SMG that fills the support weapon slot, and is the best choice for that slot until the COM-5 is unlocked. The Mark-11 is found early on in the Assault tree, and should be unlocked as fast as possible.

M308- NOT a grenade launcher, the M308 is actually the sniper rifle in Payday. It's a one hit kill on unarmored officers, and is a good option as long as the user is carrying a pistol and support weapon they feel comfortable using at close range.

Trip Mines- These are like most other trip mines, although they can be turned off after placement should the user wish to save them for killing a larger enemy.

Enemies section coming soon!