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Most bias review EVER

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  • I'm sorry but after playing both versions of Pay Day I can honestly say the only difference between two was that more people played it on the computer, that the animations were slightly more rusty on the ps3, and the AI was actually smarter on the ps3. The complaints about the game were AIs and controls... Really? The ps3 version controls are just like call of duty or any FPS on the ps3. I'm sorry that a gamer use to a key board and mouse isn't use to that. To mark off points because you had trouble playing the game is ridiculous as is marking off points for AI. After playing both versions I can say that the AI wasn't much different but on the ps3 the AI stuck closer to me and actually listened to my commands. I'm sorry but GI you need to pull you head out of you @$$. Any one else noticed this?

  • i dont have the game but i've played the demo on ps3 and loved it. the AI didn't do anything to annoy me at all besides kill guys when i wanted to take them hostage. i'm confused as to why the ps3 got such a lower score

  • I wrote about the PSN version of Payday The Heist Demo. Check it out if you agree or disagree, Thanks.

  • I hope that the people realize that when they say PC version is better, their argument becomes invalid. The AI on the PS3 version is the most competent I've ever encountered in an FPS.

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