I reviewed this game back during my blogging days on ModDB, and after having played a Steam Weekend not too long past, my opinions on it haven't changed. Payday: The Heist is neither worthy of its price tag nor worth of getting a high score. Brain dead AI, ridiculous stages that even some B-grade action flicks would scoff at, horrible level design, bad team abilities, a hamstrung progression system, irritating voice overs, half-baked design ideas like hostage taking, lack of easy communication, repetitive objectives, and incredibly lackluster gunplay. I can't think of a redeeming factor beyond the fact that, if you have an experienced team who's tediously unlocked some special abilities and have planned out their method for infiltrating a level, you can actually get some mild amounts of fun. Still, after having played the demo (which is essentially the main game but with a limit to one map) and the full game, I can't think of how this could even possibly be compared to L4D. This feels like a game made because someone gave the developers a memo telling them to make a heist game. Do yourself a favor, wait for the indie game Monaco, and buy that instead.