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Payday 2 DLC Adds Armored Trucks And Presidential Masks

Tomorrow's Armored Transport DLC for Payday 2 will finally let players live out their Point Break bank robbing dreams.

Available tomorrow, the Armored Transport DLC will be available for Payday 2 players on PC for $6.99. The DLC adds new armored car and train heists playable on six existing maps, three new weapons, Nixon, Clinton, Bush, and Obama president masks, four new mask patterns, four new mask materials, and more.

Overkill Software is currently working on patches for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game with the DLC to follow shortly, but there is no exact release date at the moment.

For our review of Payday 2, head here. You can check out the trailer for the DLC below.

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  • "Each mask comes with a special perk as well. Our favorite is the Barack Obama mask. When you walk into a bank, you can rob and murder as you please, and you can walk off scot free!" 505 games also told us, "If you somehow get caught using the Obama mask, you can order civilians to get down with the authentic 'Uhh' and 'If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor' mask exclusive quotes.
  • Wow...3 of our greatest failures and one dude I'm not going to mock (Dead or not Reagan is someone you do not want to *** with)...Maybe there should be a second pack with Bush SR, LBJ, Nixon and JFK or Carter (leaning more towards the former).
  • Hmmm ... last time someone wore a Bama mask in jest a legion of #$%&tards threw up a $h!tstorm ... this ought to be fun. MSNBC EAT YER HEART OUT

  • Cool. Now you can portray Obama in his true form...A *** thief!!!! XD
  • The little hand says it's time to rock and roll.

  • Nice DLC! Too bad ive moved on from this game and most of my other 360 and ps3 games in preparation for the next gen systems. Had i not gotten rid of this a few weeks ago id have been excited...oh well.