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Payday 2

Payday 2 DLC Adds Armored Trucks And Presidential Masks

Tomorrow's Armored Transport DLC for Payday 2 will finally let players live out their Point Break bank robbing dreams.

Available tomorrow, the Armored Transport DLC will be available for Payday 2 players on PC for $6.99. The DLC adds new armored car and train heists playable on six existing maps, three new weapons, Nixon, Clinton, Bush, and Obama president masks, four new mask patterns, four new mask materials, and more.

Overkill Software is currently working on patches for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game with the DLC to follow shortly, but there is no exact release date at the moment.

For our review of Payday 2, head here. You can check out the trailer for the DLC below.

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  • Finally. Looks awesome!

  • I thought the last one was Nixon, haha.
  • Why, why? What could they possibly stand to gain from adding an Obama mask? That's just down right disgusting. Well, I totally don't feel like buying this game anymore.
  • The music interesting choice.

  • It'd probably be pretty tough to wear that Bush mask. Look how close together the eyes are lol
  • THAT IS SO BADASS! OMG I call Reagan! "Rock And Roll!"
  • Can finally recreate Point Break heists
  • I'm pretty sure that's Nixon, not Reagan.
  • Is it just me that finds it sad but appropriate that the last 3 presidents are represented? A sad representation of how far this country has fallen.
  • This political crap has got to stop! Man, can we only deal with politics around campaign time? Or on Facebook, really sick of it, and I go to gaming to get away from it.
  • Lol those masks are hilarious

  • Why can't we have Reagan, Lincoln, Washington, and like some other cool president? This way we get one amazing guy, two dirt bags, and one complete fool. Also, that mask looks nothing like Reagan.
  • That's Nixon, not Reagan. Cool Point Break reference though.

  • Am I the only one that finds the irony of presidents robbing banks hilarious? They already feel free to raid our pocketbooks! haha
  • No Reagan masks?. . . Yup, nobody ever makes fun of him. . .
  • Overkill can make such great trailers.

  • I've lost hope on that console DLC ever coming out.  This is what, now... 3 PC DLC packs?  And still nothing but the base game for consoles.  

  • Would love a PS4 port for this.  Crosses fingers.


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