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Episode Four Of Payday Web Series Uploaded

Episode four of the promotional web series for Payday 2 is now up and introduces a politician, Councilman Simmons.

As a branch to the last episode, Simmons appears to be the politician mentioned towards the end of episode three. While some of the other episodes featured bank heists and other action sequences, this one is more about developing plot. 

Watch below as Simmons awkwardly attempts to look happy about his golden hammer gift. It's like opening up presents full of clothes on your birthday. Hopefully, they make a DLC tie-in with a golden hammer bonus weapon. 

Simmons' intentions are uncertain other than that he is fighting hard to be elected as a senator. Thankfully, he has a great, original slogan: "I get the job done."

So he's pretty much set without the $50,000 of campaign money.

If the web series isn't your style, Payday 2 is coming August 13 to PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 and has a little more production value.


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