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Payday 2

Watch A Successful Heist In Payday 2

At this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, Game Informer's Andy McNamara and I threw on clown masks and attempted our first bank heist in Overkill's Payday 2. Due to the twitchy trigger finger of Mr. McNamara, the robbery didn't go as planned. We were all gunned down inside of the bank. You can read how we flubbed the heist in Game Informer's August issue.

When Overkill caught wind of our failure, they sat down and recorded a video of a successful bank heist. They take a shot at Andy's skills, and proceed to loot the living hell out of this bank.

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  • Payday 2 is looking pretty sweet.

  • Awesome to see a custom GI video

  • Can't wait!
    BTW there better be Pacino/De Niro dlc
  • Looking forward to this, the first game was pretty fun and from the looks of things this is going to be good. Also, liking the names from Heat lol.
  • worst. narrator. ever.
  • Why did Andrew Garfield narrate this?
  • This looks really cool. I hope you can play it alone... That would be interesting without any bots getting in the way.
  • The game is awesome but this gameplay was just so bad...

  • I'm so excited to play this. Looks great & intense.

  • I dont like the first one... but this one looks much more structured

  • This game looks really cool.  

  • Not to much depth for a game. Rob a establishment,escape and repeat. $30 game. Not worth my $60.
  • Looks incredible. Gonna get it for the co-op.

  • So is Andy McNamara bad at games in general, or is Reiner just amazing at them or what? I need some more information.
  • Gahh this looks & sounds like an awesome formula for a game. Who doesn't love a bank robber?!

    Missed out on the first one but can't wait to pick this up.

  • This is looking pretty good, I'm gonna give it a try when it's released. Besides, you get to kill cops and get lots of money. I'm still concerned about the AI, I saw nothing to make me think it's remotely a challenge.

  • Wow, very cool! Isn't this coming to consoles as well? I was always jealous of PC players with the original Payday, but this is shaping up to be even better, and I think it it's coming to consoles as well. One thing I really noticed was how well the audio was. The gunshots sounded crisp and airy, like they do in real life, they did well it making the gun sound realistic.
  • That was cool! Great special video guys! Thanks

  • Looks fun.

  • Its gonna be awesome!

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