Papers, Please is a game that seems to have pulled off the impossible. It has turned the tantamount example of tedious work known to man into a creative, and sometimes exciting, piece of art worth checking out. I, like most reviewers out there, am fascinated by this game, and would suggest it to my friends. However, even though the game's concepts are great, they cannot escape the mind numbing grind it is centered on: going through checklists and filing paperwork.

I was recommended to try this game out by Adam Sessler, editor-in-chief of Rev3Games. He seemed to be enthralled by the idea introduced at the very beginning of the game: work as quickly and as accurately as you can or your family will die. Indeed, that concept was compelling, and the most often used reason from professional reviewers about why you should buy this game. It will get you started, but it will not keep you playing.

What kept me playing was the story. At the end of the tutorial days on the job, the game presents you with around 4 causes/factions that you can work for. They are the government (bureaucratic bad guy), your family (responsible), the Order of Ezic (revolutionary), or yourself (corrupt). Other factions might exist that I did not mention. I personally picked the Order of Ezic as my cause, because only my wife survived through my tutorial days (it is extremely hard to keep them all alive). The choice system reminded me a lot about the game UpLink: <> where towards the end of the game you have to decide whether to initiate a fire sale or release an antivirus that kills all other viruses. The game does not draw a line like most games. Your allegiance is unofficial and determined by your actions. In fact, you have to solve a puzzle to find out how to get into the Order of Ezic.

So it is safe to say that the story and concepts are good and worthy of perhaps an 8 or more out of 10. Then you get to the gameplay. You are filing paperwork throughout the entire game. That is the gameplay in its entirety. I had to quit after 2 hours of playing each time, because it is mentally straining.

In conclusion, get the game. It is an interesting ride.

P.S. This was my first review ever, so please give me an awesome rating if you enjoyed my review.