Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is quite a stunning follow-up to Pac-Man CE, which was already a very interesting evolution of the classic arcade game we’ve all grown to cherish. Firstly, let me just say that this game is as pretty to look at as it is fun to play. The colors are insanely vivid, the controls are tight and responsive considering the amount of enemies you can rack up. With the addition of some exciting new game mechanics, this game will forever change the way you approach eating your way through the ever-changing mazes. It’s not just about collecting dots and eating ghosts anymore.

Disturb enough sleeping ghosts, for instance, and you’ll begin to feel claustrophobic as the procession of ghosts chasing after you gets longer and longer. But the anxiety is well worth it, as you’ll earn a bounty of points from eating all the suckers once a power pellet appears in the maze. If you find yourself in the middle of a ghost sandwich, you can blast the whole lot of them back home with a bomb. But don’t dismiss these explosives as a tool for the weak. Even after triggering your explosives and sending an army of ghosts back home, you have only a second to get re-oriented and regain control of Pac-Man before they’re right back on your trail.

A new game mode called Ghost Combo challenges you to eat as many ghosts as you can in a row. Included is a stage called Free with lots of close, sharp turns and ominously placed ghosts. With 99 lives and 99 bombs to work with, it has proven a great way to practice racking up tons of points on a strict time limit or navigating tight turns with a ridiculously long procession of ghosts trailing behind you. A new speedometer at the bottom center of your screen displays the speed of the game, as it steadily increases with each ghost you consume. The slowing of the game as you juke ghosts left and right will make you feel like an epic Pac Man player.

Pac-Man CEDX gives you the option to customize the presence of every stage (changing the colors and style of the mazes, the appearance of Pac Man and the ghosts, and the background music). With more than 10 games modes and challenges to attempt for each of the 10 stages (including the appropriately-titled Darkness), this game gives you a whole lot of Pac-Man for only 800 MS points. Having absolutely nothing to complain about, I honor this game with a perfect 10.