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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

The Ghostly Adventures Launch Trailer Announces Pac-Man's Return

In Namco Bandai's own words, "Pac is back." And he's back today, to be exact.

You can check out the game's launch trailer below, which recalls Pac-Man's 3D platforming adventures. For more on the game, check out our hands-on impressions from E3. You can also check out the game's previous trailer, which features much more gameplay.

The PlayStation3, Xbox 360, and Wii U versions of the game are all available today. The 3DS version, which is a substantially different game from the console versions, will be available November 5.

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  • This kinda popped out of nowhere didn't it?
  • Test Chamber?
  • I want to support namco so bad for publishing dark souls and for working with nintendo on SSB4, but the pac is not back, he is dead.

  • Pretty Pac-Man only old game year change new create shape Cool Ice ,Fire,and other clothes interesting. Same Mario old game year change new shape add fire,Ice,small ,and any clothes. Good Create game
  • Well this was unexpected :o

  • After watching that, I need no more encouragement to eat hamburgers. I'm headed to McDonald's now, so I will be ready to defeat Betrayus.
  • It kinda reminds me of the Pac-Man World games back in the day!!

  • I hope this is decent.

    The show's okay, from what I've seen - I dig the style (gotta love the classic cartoon eye pupils), and Avi Arad (the old producer for Marvel Studios) sure did come up with a creative universe for Pac-Man and pals, that actually incorporates everything core to that game. The power pellets, the mazes, the ghosts, why their eyes can regenerate, why so many citizens of Pac World are dead in the first place... it's imaginative, for sure. And could totally host a nice platformer.

    Kids today deserve a game at least as entertaining as Pac Man World was for the PSX back in the day.

  • I work at GameStop and let me tell you, we were absolutely swamped with customers that had pre-ordered this game. Unfortunately, we didn't have any spare copies for the line of people that hadn't reserved it months ago and they were furious. When I reminded them that Assassin's Creed IV and Battlefield 4 were available, a riot broke out with one irate customer running around the store, knocking dozens of games off the shelves while screaming "THE PAC IS BACK!" Indeed he is.
  • Ugh... Pacman was such a simple concept and they tried to modernize it by making it over-saturate with content that is so shallow... This look and sounds dumb. Pacman and Sonic are two characters that should have remained in a 2D plane...

  • I bought this at the midnight release when everyone else was going to go get Battlefield and AC, it is pretty fun so far and I am really glad I got it on the WII U

  • Sounds like Sonic's voice actor is looking for some job security with Pac-Man.

    I kid, I kid!  (sort of).

  • well, that looks like a piece of crap

  • This has a moderate "what the f*ck is this sh*t" aura about it.

  • Nope,

    My Pac-Man from back in the day will never be remade to it's awesome great-ness, Because it is a mile-stone.

  • Nope.