I love horror games! Seriously I can't decide whether or not the Horror genre is my favorite or if it's the RPG genre. And there's been a drought of horror games this year except Dead Space 3 and Dead Island and both are pretty dead horror wise... So when Outlast was released I was overjoyed and bought it giving my money to the barrels that made it. It's a pretty good game, much better than most of the crap developers release and slap horror on it... It's genuinely scary, and has made me pause the game and rip off my headset like the American version of PewDiePie. The environment is well done and morbid, everything's like the front yard of a Steelers fan after a loss, and in a horror game that's a great thing to have, since it adds to the suspense.  However...it's not without flaws... For one, the protagonist, Miles Upshur, breathes like a chronic smoker on par with Dale Gribble whenever he's scared like a little kid on his way to the bathroom at night... This makes it pretty difficult to hear the footsteps of the psychopath wanting to kill you because Just Cause when you're hiding in a smelly locker... Also apparently the time in the asylum has increased the senses of its inhabitants because there's almost no way to sneak past any of them! They all spot you in the midst of doing so even though your being quieter than a mouse but mice aren't very quiet especially when you step on them but that's beside the point... ANYWAY! This causes most of the gameplay to be a mix of attempting to stealth and getting detected causing you to run back to the same hiding spot you just hid in because the same guy you just hid from wants to kill you because he doesn't like your jacket... For me, the story makes or breaks a game for me which is why I still like Assassin's Creed, even though they slowly dwindle down in quality with each passing year, because I love anything conspiracy theories, which are starting to disappear from that as well but never mind that. Luckily this game has a pretty decent story and kept me guessing throughout the entire game as to what in the name of GabeN was going on in Mount Massive...except the end... While the Dark Descent threw me a curveball at the end of it I had a pretty good idea as to how Outlast would end, which I won't spoil in case someone reading this hasn't beaten or bought it yet, (which you should if you like horror you won't regret it) but it's very cliché and very ambiguous which is how a lot of horror related things end these days. So there you have it, Outlast by Red Barrels is a pretty good game and you should open up that wallet of yours and buy it on Steam right now if you like a good horror game. Trust me, it's better than your other options on Steam right now... I'm not saying any names but let's just say it's better than a game with memory loss in it and it's about a mechanism designed for a pink mammal that enjoys rolling around in its own crap... $RovertNoteek$