This game had me regularly spewing four letter words at the top of my lungs and hiding in corners for much longer than was necessary to get my nerve back up again. The reviewer complained that he couldn't hear enemies over the characters breathing, but while using headphones I never had a problem with that. It WAS hard to hear them over his loud heart beats and breathing, but it was quite possible, and listening as hard as you could really added to the atmosphere. Only once did I leave a locker to early to find myself face to face with a foe, but that was entirely my fault as I lost track of the chain sound as it got caught up with the music. Also, at the drain pipe section of the game it clearly had a map on the wall... So the reviewer kinda missed that as well. The game was a great play-at-night-with-headphones-on game and kept me tense and scared the entire way through. A great horror game and I would recommend it to anyone.