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Outlast Brings Back Survival Horror

Today's Halloween, so I guess that means it's time to feel frightened by watching some scary game trailers. Take a look at Outlast, the new survival-horror game that hopes to reinvent the genre. If there was ever a moment where you don't want to be caught hiding under the bed, this is it.

"The footage is in-engine (Unreal 3) and real-time, coming from a tech demo the studio has developed internally," Red Barrels Games says. "The final game will resemble this,"

Outlast is out this summer for PC.

  • Great idea, I see an obvious Amnesia influence.

    Which isn't really bad at all, but still.

    That CG rendering looked lackluster, by modern standards, but the idea looks great. I can dig it.

  • Very interesting. Certainly seems like it could be quite scary, even if this is basically just the concept video (sounds like it). Hopefully it's not just that creature chasing you, though, because that might lose it's affect after a while--gotta have some downtime to build tension, and perhaps other things to fear.

  • The monster, or enemy, design doesn't seem all that scary (hoping, surely, that there's more than just this), but the mood and atmosphere looks very "Condemned," which is always a good thing. Condemned 1 and 2 were easily the scariest games of this generation, even though they both released towards the start of this generation.

  • This looks good to me. That camcorder will be the death of me though, but I do love the idea and game they're trying to portray.

  • Oh lawdy lawd. This looks pretty good. But I got to say, gonna keep my eyes open for Amnesia: Machine for Pigs.

  • Great trailer, looks like one hell of a game! Very excited for a new survival horror IP.

  • I'm still mortified by the direction the RE series went. This, however, looks very well done. What I really want is zombies, however.

  • Why would you walk backwards in a dark, scary place? lulz. First sight of blood and dead swat members, I'd be out of there.

  • This looks amazing! And also to dam scary, I have to make my little brother play this!

  • This looks amazing! And also to dam scary, I have to make my little brother play this!

  • That looks great

  • This looks amazing!

  • Wow! Now this is my kind of game. It looks incredible, and of course scary! I absolutely LOVE survival horror.

  • it look pretty good but it look like a type of bioshock

  • Wow.  Looks terrifying......

  • Damn, that was awesome!

  • So creepy

  • Looks pretty cool

  • They really need to bring this to PS3.