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Outlast Brings Back Survival Horror

Today's Halloween, so I guess that means it's time to feel frightened by watching some scary game trailers. Take a look at Outlast, the new survival-horror game that hopes to reinvent the genre. If there was ever a moment where you don't want to be caught hiding under the bed, this is it.

"The footage is in-engine (Unreal 3) and real-time, coming from a tech demo the studio has developed internally," Red Barrels Games says. "The final game will resemble this,"

Outlast is out this summer for PC.

  • Well. The atmosphere is good, that's about it. This MC is dumb as hell. You walk into an abandoned facility, and see fresh blood stains? Time to go. Hell, once he saw the armed and armored soldiers literally ripped in half? Leaving isn't even an option at that point, you just do it. You go, and you never come back. The only way I could see that kind of stupidity working, is if he had some serious reason to be there, like his wife or child went missing there. There was no set up like that though, so I don't know. If he's just there exploring, that's going to be enough to kill it for me. He's obviously not prepared for such an adventure. Plus, he brought a video camera. To me that feels more like he's documenting the place. I'm sorry, but no one is so dedicated that they'd risk life and limb at the hands of super-natural beings, just to take a video of a building. Also, on that topic, those zombies (which they are, they even turn people...), look stupid. All the fear and tension that the atmosphere built up, was drained as soon as that one popped up in his face. I feel like I'd get more frustrated that I couldn't just turn around and punch one of these things, than I would be afraid. Also worth nothing that these things tore apart armed soldiers. And our everyman here is just out-running them like it's no big deal. Are they immune to bullets or something?
  • Eh, didn't look that scary to me and the video is obviously scripted. You're not going to be playing like that in the actual game.

  • Looking like Mirror's Edge and Resident Evil/Fatal Frame.

  • I think the biggest question is why am I investigating an abandoned mental hospital from decades ago?
  • Interesting. But some game play footage would've been nice.

  • Damn this game looks like it could be really scary.

  • I have never heard of red barrel, but they certainly do know how to make a good looking game. I'm looking forward to it.

  • This looks awesome.  I look forward to seeing more in the future.

  • Why you in that scary place?

  • Challenge accepted.

  • i gots the chills

  • It looks very nice aesthetically but it didn't scare me very much simply because the animations looked very animatronic and the movement of the camera just wasn't very fluid. Other than that, I have no complaints :D

  • This isn't too scary but still looks like a great game

  • To be completely honest I'm not really a fan of horror games. They're usually all extremely disappointing... I only pick one up when it's like $5 and I feel like playing something to take a real from a game I've been playing for weeks straight.

  • Looks interesting, however I don't think I'll expect too much from it, if that's the monster pursuing you for the whole game, I don't expect much horror from this.
  • Looking good!!

  • that video cam, captures every undead.

  • Huh. . . That's really awesome looking. I don't play PC games but this looks good enough for me to want to.

  • That game looks great! If it really plays like that, I must play it.

    Does he put his hands on the wall while you play? I appreciate little touches like that and the heavy breathing.

  • Looks pretty sweet.