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Outlast Brings Back Survival Horror

Today's Halloween, so I guess that means it's time to feel frightened by watching some scary game trailers. Take a look at Outlast, the new survival-horror game that hopes to reinvent the genre. If there was ever a moment where you don't want to be caught hiding under the bed, this is it.

"The footage is in-engine (Unreal 3) and real-time, coming from a tech demo the studio has developed internally," Red Barrels Games says. "The final game will resemble this,"

Outlast is out this summer for PC.

  • Great video! Gunna have to keep an eye on this one next year.

  • That wasn't incredibly scary but the gameplay looks interesting...

  • Oh wow I love the implementation of a video camera to see in the dark.

  • I nervously fiddled with my ball sack while I watched this.
  • It looks horrible. But in the best way possible.

  • didn't dude drop his camera...?
  • Whoa I just love it. Scary but not too scary to stop me playing like Amnesia ( seriously, I just coudln't go any further... stupid castle ). I still have one question: Was this actual gameplay or just a film to demonstrate the graphics and what the game is all about? If it is actual gameplay, it's scripted as hell, fine for me if it keeps the tension as high as it is in this video.
  • I said this once and I'll say this again, please port this to the consoles.
  • Nice! Hopefully this will bein some life to the genre

  • Trailer was pretty awesome. Hopefully this turns into something good.

  • Looking pretty good to me.

  • Only PC? :(
  • Interesting...

  • Oh man this looks fun. Wish they'd consider something other than PC though, my laptop can barely run Half Life 2.

  • I like the music and tone. I don't like scripted first person view games. More jump scares again, is this made by a western developer?
  • It may be in engine, but still unsure how well it will play. Still it has Nazi, MKUltra and mental asylums which soounds awesome if a bit over the top

  • If this is a long abandoned mental hospital then what the hell is the protagonist doing there?

  • Mod
    It's gonna suck when the battery for the camera runs out.
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