Robot Entertainment’s action-heavy MOBA, Orcs Must Die Unchained, is headed for a major update next week. Players in the closed beta can look forward to a number of new features starting on July 22.

Two new Unchained heroes will be added to the fray. Sir Winston is a traitor to The Order and now fights on the side of evil. The Kobold King is supposedly democratically elected, but we’re not sure we believe him. Four new hero skins will also be up for grabs, with two going to the new characters, and the other two fleshing out Midnight and Stinkeye’s wardrobes.

Two heroes will be tweaked with new damage types. The War Mage will now deal lightning damage. Hogarth now hits with ice elemental damage.

In addition to the two new heroes, forty new cards (which give players access to minions, traps, gear, and more) will become available. The first version of the “card grinder” will go online. This is similar to Hearthstone’s mechanic of turning duplicate cards into currency.

This beta update will also see a profile wipe for all players. All gold will be refunded, and players will be awarded a number of skulls (in-game currency), based on their level at the time of profile reset. 

Level 20-29 players will get 10,000 skulls. Level 30-39 will earn 30,000. Level 40 players will be awarded 80,000 skulls. For more on Orcs Must Die Unchained, check out our preview from PAX East.