This is my first attempt at a review, but here it goes. 

For fans of Tower Defense style games this, in my opinion, is a must have.   I have rarely ran into a game that is so instantly addicting.  If you enjoy plenty of action and a game that gives creative players a way to shine than this is a game that you need to try.  As well I find that going back to already completed maps, taking my new traps and toys with me, is a very fun for people like me who try to climb as high on the leader boards as possible.

The graphics are not the greatest, and single sprites are used over and over, but I would not call this a serious detriment to the game seeing as you rarely have time to stop and stare.

The game-play is fast and furious and it will take all of your skills to place traps and fight off invaders as they try to get your rift.

Controls are quiet good for as complex as this game gets.  They allow for easy laying of traps and for a smooth combat that can be quiet exhilarating.

The sound is fine, with decent ambient sounds and music.  What shines for me, though, are constant quips spat out by the protagonist.  For some they might become annoyingly repetitive, but for me each one is solid gold.