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Get Your Horror and Humor On With Obscure

Today Focus Home Interactive and Might Rocket Studio announced a new game called Obscure. As part of the announcement, they included a trailer to give you an idea about the action-filled 2.5D side-scroller.

In Obscure, you play as students with disparate skills that advance as you fight down baddies. The game includes a cooperative mode where you can team up with buddies local or online to test your skills. 

If you're a survival horror fan like myself, you probably recognized the name Obscure from the PS2 survival horror games. Yes, there is a connection. Some of the developers have joined Might Rocket Studio to keep the name alive and embrace its roots. Although the game is more action, it does has survival horror elements running through it like scarce ammo and health supplies.

Obscure is set for release in Spring of 2013 and will be available on PC, Xbox Live, and PSN.

Check out the first trailer and screens below, where you'll see blood splatter, monsters blow up, and characters do backflips. 

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  • I would be down for this actually. It looks enjoyable and fairly different.

  • cool i guess... i love obscure (mostly soundtrack) might check this game out even though it's not a horror game :/

  • never played the first two, but always wanted to because they were like the first 3 resident evils with 2 player support, but the whole teen horror aspect of it turned me off.  this game looks good, but i think it would fair better as a top-down shooter in the tune of zombies ate my neighbors.  

  • Lost me at the wubstep

  • This looks fun.

  • looks like wacky fun in the style of shank and mark of the ninja :)

  • Not sure how on Earth this even happened, but it looks fun regardless so hey, I'm in.

  • I'll have to keep a lookout for this. It actually sounds like it'd be a lot of fun.

  • Absolutely bizarre direction to take the Obscure name. It doesn't even have any power (not positive, at any rate) - really, why not just use a new IP?

    This looks interesting though, which is more than I can say for the old budget horror games...

    The tone and art seem to have more to do with those Monster Madness games that South Peak put out earlier this gen for Xbox 360 and PS3...
  • This actually looks promising... I will keep my eyes out for the demo version.

  • Oh man...the last Obscure game was just awful. I hope this one is nothing like it.

  • Actually looks pretty fun.

  • Oh that's funny. I immediately thought this was a remake of the sub-par Obscure: The Aftermath. Lol.

  • ObsCure is a truly underrated game.