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  • Blog Post: Ten Trips Into The Wasteland

    Vlambeer has proven itself as a studio with the flexibility to tackle different genres and projects, so I've been eager to give a try to the team's take on the roguelike. I hopped in for several playthroughs of the current version available on Steam Early Access, and found an action game with... More
  • Blog Post: Four-Player Online And Local Multiplayer Coming To Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne

    A new trailer for Nuclear Throne in honor of PAX East is online, and developer Vlambeer has announced four-player online and local multiplayer for the game. Vlambeer made the announcement of the game's new multiplayer during a recent live stream , and followed up the announcement on Twitter with... More
  • Blog Post: Vlambeer's New Game Has Inventive Weapons, Hectic Combat & An Unforgiving Difficulty

    I think it was around the fifteenth time I had died, surrounded by enemies on all sides and hilariously failing to dodge a barrage of bullets, when I realized there was no secret that made Nuclear Throne easier. This is a brutal game that tests you. It puts you into overwhelming situations, forcing you... More
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