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Four-Player Online And Local Multiplayer Coming To Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne

A new trailer for Nuclear Throne in honor of PAX East is online, and developer Vlambeer has announced four-player online and local multiplayer for the game.

Vlambeer made the announcement of the game's new multiplayer during a recent live stream, and followed up the announcement on Twitter with the tweet you see below.

Nuclear Throne is a roguelike, 8-bit action game where players fight their way through procedurally generated levels collecting weapons and ammunition. You can find out more about the game here with our extended hands-on preview. Originally, the game was known as Wasteland Kings, but it recently changed its name. The game is currently available through Steam early access and the multiplayer mode should be added soon. The game is also planned for release on PlayStation 4 and Vita.

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  • I enjoyed some of Vlambeer's stuff in the past, but after Luftrausers I'll buy anything they put out.

  • I'm so glad most of these upcoming Indies are coming to PS4. I got so used to just ignoring them because they would only ever come out on PC, and my PC is almost completely useless.

  • I have been playing the early access for Nuclear Throne and it's been pretty meh. Maybe multiplayer will add some spice the game needs. Also, the really need to fix the gamepad option for NT as of now KBAM is the only way to play it.
  • OXM has this game in one of there previous issues so its coming to x1 aswell