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  • Blog Post: Submit To Bunny Lord In Roll7’s Not A Hero Today

    Devolver Digital has found yet another excessively bloody, absurdly humorous title to publish. Olli Olli developer Roll7’s Not a Hero is out today. The game puts you at the beck and call of an anthropomorphic rabbit named Bunny Lord. Most of the things he wants you to do for him involve guns and... More
  • Blog Post: Roll7's Not A Hero Should Not Be Ignored

    Once again this year, Devolver Digital camped out across the street from the Los Angeles Convention Center with a number of trailers each devoted to a single indie title. This year's lineup was even stronger, in part due to the inclusion of Roll7 (Olli Olli) and Not a Hero. I was first introduced... More
  • Blog Post: OlliOlli Devs Hang Up The Skateboard In Favor Of Satirical Political Murder

    When OlliOlli developer Roll7 announced Not a Hero, I'll admit to being a bit confused. "How do you move from skateboarding to tongue-in-cheek political murder?" I thought to myself. And then I spent time with the game at PAX East and realized that the two aren't all that different... More
  • Blog Post: OlliOlli Developers Next Title Features An Anthropomorphic Rabbit Running For Mayor

    Roll7, the developer of the recent indie skateboarding game OlliOlli, has announced its next project. Not a Hero is a cover-based shooter that is played in a unique perspective. Not a Hero is powered by ISO-Slant, a proprietary technology that Role7has partnered with, which lets developers display a... More
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