Once again this year, Devolver Digital camped out across the street from the Los Angeles Convention Center with a number of trailers each devoted to a single indie title. This year's lineup was even stronger, in part due to the inclusion of Roll7 (Olli Olli) and Not a Hero.

I was first introduced to Not a Hero and the sinister, and slightly mental, mayoral candidate Bunnylord at PAX East. In the few months between, the game has gotten better and my interest in playing it in final form has solidified.

Not a Hero puts you in command of one of 10 different characters, each with his or her own skills. We played as a new gun for hire, Clive.

This cigarette-smoking, dapper gent automatically shoots in both directions when he's surrounded. The trick is to watch his ammo and time your reloads strategically.

To complicate things, Roll7 has added a new objective system. Each level has four stars to earn, and in order to get the best rating you'll need to complete the level and achieve all three bonus tasks in a single run through the stage. Some objectives are more difficult (or impossible) without a specific "employee."

Some of the tasks we saw include using a limited number of bullets, completing the level without getting hit, only reloading when empty, and earning various size killstreaks. I had fun attempting them, and going for four stars made play much more strategic.

Completing a district will unlock a new character, but often you'll need to double back later in order four-star each level. Doing so will make available a second killer with his or her own skills.

Roll7 has also retuned the difficulty after 90 percent of player level attempts at PAx East ended in failure. As much as I enjoyed the game in April, I found it to be much more accessible (and still challenging) here at E3.

Not a Hero will be out on PC, Mac, and Linux this year. The title was also announced as part of Devolver's slate of games coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita in early 2015.