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  • Blog Post: Great use of the Wii remote for this gorey action game.Has a nice artstyle and good mature/dark story themes.

    No More Heroes 2 is one of the most entertaining action games I've played in a while.I will explain why below. ------------- Story ------------- The story continues after the original NMH game and certain people want to get revenge on the main character named 'Travis Touchdown' because of... More
  • Blog Post: No More Heroes 2 Review

    I can practically hear my Wii dying when it is loading a game. Thankfully, like Bruce Willis, it refuses to do so. Nintendo deserves some props for making a console that is quite resilient. No More Heroes 2 was a game that I had backlogged for quite some time, and I am grateful that I did not decide... More
  • Blog Post: A No More Heroes fan's Review

    This is the sequel for the people who didn't like the first one. Not to say the real fans won't like or even love this game, but you might find some of the stuff you love missing. To start with, let me end this miss understanding, No More Heroes was a good game. A great game even. No offense... More
  • Blog Post: Wish it was on the PS3

    I enjoyed play the first one on the Wii, but would really hope it could have been shared to the Ps 3. More
  • Blog Post: Tedious and enraging, but fun otherwise

    Gonna keep it short, i had high hopes for this games and some of them were fullfilled. im actually only about half way through it but *** this game seriously pisses me off. first of all, the in combat camera blows dudes profesionally and the lock on movement is combersum at best; but i could look past... More
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