I can practically hear my Wii dying when it is loading a game. Thankfully, like Bruce Willis, it refuses to do so. Nintendo deserves some props for making a console that is quite resilient. No More Heroes 2 was a game that I had backlogged for quite some time, and I am grateful that I did not decide to throw out my Wii before playing that masterpiece. Gone are my most hated aspects of the first game, such as the open world. As expected, the story and characters are outlandish (although with a slightly more serious tone), the graphics improved, the combat over the top and this is emphasized by way smoother and more exaggerated animations. Because NMH2 was released due to the fans, Suda51 also includes a huge amount of fan service. References to the first game are made left and right. Some new flaws do appear, but it would be surprising if No More Heroes 2 disappointed anyone.

The story is pretty much exactly the same thing as before, with a twist. Travis Touchdown, the main character, was the reigning assassin champion in the city of Santa Destroy (this all occurred in the first game). He suddenly vanished to leave it all behind. However, for an unexplained reason, Travis returns to Santa Destroy and becomes part of the competition once again. The twist is that after the first fight, an event occurs that makes the battles this time a personal business. As a character, Travis is explored much more than in the first game. Players can really see the effect that so much seemingly senseless killing had on him, giving his sudden disappearance after the first game some sense. Because of all these serious themes, NMH2 ends up being much more serious than the first. Still, the expected ridiculousness is there, just to a bit lesser extent.