Gonna keep it short, i had high hopes for this games and some of them were fullfilled. im actually only about half way through it but *** this game seriously pisses me off. first of all, the in combat camera blows dudes profesionally and the lock on movement is combersum at best; but i could look past all that. what really pisses me off is the friggin gym training missions and a few of the *** side jobs.  the strength mini game has you dodging kisses and punching and kicking dumbells. it sounds easy but by the 4th level its rediculously, controller throwing-ly, hard.  im the type of gamer who likes to fully level up whenever possible but i also dont like doing the same agrevating task in repetition; i dont know how some people can.  aside from that, i dont know if i missed something or what have you, but i have no idea how to block.

on the up side, the story is rather entertaining and a lot of the side jobs are nastalgic and enjoyably; they also have funny names. the combats is fun when you can actually see it.  other then that i wouldn't recomend this game to anybody easily angered such as myself because this game has a lot in it that could possibly send your wii-mote into a loved one's face.  also i beat and love demon's souls so if that gives you any extra insight into the type of game this is.