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No Man's Sky

Hello Games' Sean Murray Details The Inspiration And Ambitions Of No Man's Sky

Today, Sony posted a new video interview with Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray. It's an insightful view into the background and goals of No Man's Sky, the game that caused a sensation at the recent E3.

If you're interested in No Man's Sky - and you should be - this is a great look into the making of the game. This is definitely a labor of love for Hello Games and Murray, and the passion is well on display in this video. 

  • I remember seeing No Man's Sky at the VGX event and it's been amazing how far it has come along the journey. I'm glad that they're making their game freely without a publisher interrupting their creativity. I cannot wait for more information on this game!

  • this is the game i've always wanted all my life as a gamer. playing atari and apple 2 games in space.

  • It looks incredible. I hope No Man's Sky turns out to be a lot of fun.

  • I don't know why but this reminds me of the Skate videos.

  • My most anticipated game from E3.

  • The team seems dedicated and I hope that the full dream comes to fruition, with no cuts, because this sounds incredibly ambitious. Looking forward to it.

  • Yep, I'm ll over this one. I'm really hoping that the universe truly is full of things to do, like he says, and isn't just a bunch of barren rocks with a few redundant activities.

    He currently says that it'll be rare to run into other players, if at all, but it would be awesome to run into others, stick together and build a fleet that charges planets and tries to conquer the galaxy… I don't think it's that kind of game though.

  • Sean Murray is speaking directly to my heart when he mentions those old sci-fi books. If I wasn't interested in the game before, I would be now. Old science fiction is one of my favorite genres :)

  • No Man's Sky is gonna be so amazing.

  • Sounds like it will be an amazing game!

  • I am totally excited for this game. This sounds, basically, like my dream game. It almost makes me nervous. It sounds so fantastic, I half expect to learn something that will temper my sky-high expectations, but the opposite keeps happening. Awesome.

  • Now I'm even more pumped for this game!

  • I really really really really really hope this game is successful as hell and that it comes to the Xbox One. Sean also seems like an awesome dude and I'm glad Hello Games is up and running again!
  • Seriously GI, you need to sort out your video player; how can I watch something on your site when it keeps stopping and starting constantly? I had to go seek out the video elsewhere on the web when I shouldn't have to when I come here for the latest gaming news. Get it bloody sorted.
  • I can't quite put into words just how excited I am for this game! This is pretty much the game I've been waiting to play since I picked up my first sci-fi book when I was little. I hope it's as amazing as it looks.

  • My PS4 and I are waiting patiently for this game.

  • I haven't been this hyped about a video game since Molyneaux and Fable 2. I just cannot wait for this game to get here. We really need a new trailer, Hello Games!

  • even if this game were to fail (im against that notion), it will still start something within gaming culture. i don't know what, but it will
  • Ready Player One!

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