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  • Blog Post: An Adequate Introduction To The Wii U

    When Nintendo first introduced the Wii, the company put its best foot forward in choosing Wii Sports as its flagship title. Six years later, Nintendo Land is the game that will familiarize consumers with the Wii U. Though Nintendo Land won’t be played for years to come, it does a good job showing... More
  • Blog Post: Team Up With Friends For Nintendo Land's Metroid Attraction

    Nintendo Land has tons of multiplayer modes, and many of them revolve around competition. If you stumble into the Metroid Blast attraction, however, you'll have an opportunity to team up with friends against AI enemies. Take a look below at our exclusive video of Metroid Blast's Deep Space Shootout... More
  • Blog Post: An Exclusive Look At Nintendo Land's Metroid Blast

    Previously shown at E3 2011 as Battle Mii, the shooter-focused Nintendo Land attraction has since morphed into a full-blown Metroid homage. This exclusive trailer focuses on the Deep Space Shootout mode which pits on-foot players against a player flying Samus' spaceship. The Miis running around on... More
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