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Team Up With Friends For Nintendo Land's Metroid Attraction

Nintendo Land has tons of multiplayer modes, and many of them revolve around competition. If you stumble into the Metroid Blast attraction, however, you'll have an opportunity to team up with friends against AI enemies. Take a look below at our exclusive video of Metroid Blast's Deep Space Shootout mode.

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  • That looks gorgeous.

  • Mod
    Looks like more fun than Other M.
  • If only Nintendo Land were an actual place...
  • Anyone else notice the

    "Get dow


  • That actually looks like it could be a lot of fun so long as it isn't too easy and I'm playing with some friends.

  • Wow. You guys are REALLY excited for Metroid blast. Perhaps a Nintendo Land livestream upon launch?

  • Sounds good to play with my family!

  • That does look like that much fun too me.

  • Wow the game runs so smoothly! But I wonder will the game have a four/five player deathmatch mode? Or is it only two modes, the shootout and the vs. Samus's ship?
  • Not bad at all. Who said Nintendo Land looks lame?

  • as simple as the art design is, the game does look gorgeous, extremely sharp and colorful.  I wouldn't buy the game on its own, but since I already have the deluxe bundle paid off, I'm gonna try this out with my brother, sister and nephew.

  • Nice.

  • awesome!

  • 60fps FOO !!!

  • I think it looks fun.