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Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge

Team Ninja Details New Additions For Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is less than two weeks away, and Tecmo Koei has detailed some of the new additions to the game that will set it apart from the initial release.

Alongside new characters with new abilities, Ryu will have access to the slow, but powerful Dual Swords. His fully upgraded Lunar Staff will also add ball and chains to the sides of the staff, making it much more deadly.

You can check out full details on the new additions by checking out the full press release on page two, as well as a handful of new screens below.

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  • And in a year, this will be out for Vita. And then the circle will be complete.
  • The original NG3 didn't impress me and I passed. I checked out this demo and the wealth of content piqued my interest. Multiple characters, challenge modes that let you replay all other chapters with any of those characters, the weapon selection and technique to the combat...I'm sold, especially at $40.

  • Nice.

  • ninja gaiden3 was released 3

  • "...less that two weeks away."

    How many more typos, Kyle? HOW MANY MORE?!?!

    It's okay though. We still love you. <3

  • GAH I don't know whether to get this for Wii u or ps3 now lol
  • Got it on WiiU. Not bad. If its like $40 and you like NG I'd say go for it.

  • I'll just wait for a price cut

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  • Gnarly.

  • I don't know... I REALLY hated Ninja Gaiden 3. I'm not sold yet.

  • So basically it's the love letter to fans of the first 2. Otherwise referred to as what the original release should have been.

  • So, is this the same as the Wii U release?

  • lol @ these guys getting hyped for a game that Nintendo fans already played months ago. XD

  • I'm curious; is there any new content here that Wii U owners don't currently have access to? It's been one of my favorite games, and I was ecstatic about the new costumes they added via free DLC. I've heard rumors that Wii U owners might be getting screwed-over, though, in that the 360/PS3 releases may wind up having additional content that doesn't get patched-in for Wii U, which would be disappointing.

  • Actually looks better than NG3 to nobody's great surprise.