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Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge PS3 And Xbox 360 Demos Available Now

Demos for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge are available to download right now.

The upcoming re-release of the of Ninja Gaiden 3 gives players all the DLC that has released so far, a handful of new playable characters, some changes to the story, and some significant gameplay tweaks, like the return of dismemberment.

One cool aspect of the demo for the game, is that all earned experience, etc. from the demo will carry over to the full game when it release on April 2. You can check out the latest for the trailer for the game below, as well some new screens in the gallery below.

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  • COOL
  • Here's to probably being better than NG3.
  • Nice use of boobs to make me click on this article.
  • fourth suck my D bitches
  • Hagh definition Boohbs O:

    I hope they don't plan on selling it on a full $ 59.99.
    For a game that lacked so much content(even though it was a decent experience) last year and release it like it should have been back then...yeah next time delay a game Team Ninja.
  • Eh, no thank you.

  • Nice. Reading this reminds me I had this game for the Wii U all this time, and still haven't played it.

  • not out for me

  • I was going to be buying this on my Wii U instead, and I need to enlarge my Wii U library anyway...soooooooo....yeah.

  • Um what is the point of this. Isn't it the same as the original with all the content and other bonuses. What I am wondering is it going to be exactly the same in terms of gameplay as the original release.
  • Awesome trailer. I see that the demo is available for ps3 & 360,but I am waiting for the demo to hit Wii U. I'm totally getting it, its awesome.
  • For some reason I thought Rachel was playable as well.

  • the demo is not yet out for me :(

  • Will download it.

  • So, boobs, blood, guts, gore, hardcore co-op that can break friendships, and a lot less focus on the questionable MP. Yep, sounds like something the Ninja Gaiden fans will enjoy.
  • I was going to say no because I got my ninja fix with metal gear revengeance, BUT the online co op the extra characters make me think this might be enough for redemption. they need to review it. Co op makes sense for a game like this.  

  • So they removed the questionable multiplayer?

  • I don't remember hearing many good things about NG3.

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