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NHL 15

Another Look At NHL 15 In Action

NHL fans are curious about the title's transition to the new-generation of consoles, and two new videos for NHL 15 give a look at the game as you'll likely experience it.

The two videos below are about the game's overhead cameras, but you can also see the game's physics and skill stick works in practice – shorn of the quick edits and replay theater footage that accompanies most sizzle trailers for video games.

Here's another video with the overhead camera also showing off the game's physics and skill stick mechanics

NHL 15 comes out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (the game will also appear on Xbox 360 and PS3, footage not shown) on September 9. 

For more on the game, here's another trailer that dropped recently with some more cinematic angles on gameplay and the fans in the stands.

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  • It looks great and it will be a Day 1 purchase for me as always, but... is is just me, or does Doc really not sound like himself? There just seems to be an overall lack of emotion out of him in these gameplay trailers.
  • Looks great! GO WILD!

  • EASHL is confirmed to not be in the game confirmed by box art screenshot. Here is the link Pretty disgusted EA would deceive their fan base by not admitting it was out and letting us discover it after popping it into the machine.
  • i play true broadcast. lets see that. Its way better with that view just like your watching a game. Idk about the main commentator
  • go BLUES!
  • After watching these videos and listening to Doc I'm leaning more on not getting this. Doc sounds so bad compared to real life. I'll wait for the demo on August 26th

  • Yeah I'm not expecting Doc to go nuts for every goal, but he does seem rather subdued compared to how he normally sounds. Of course, those were some early game goals so who knows. I do like the intro presentation a LOT more now, even if the actual gameplay seems largely unchanged.

  • Can't tell yet from the new physics, but I sure hope the puck DOES NOT do the same dang thing every time the AI dumps it in the corner. On NHL 14, it was always two little bounces and one big bounce...and my defender would always have to wait after the big bounce landed to get control. That really took me out of the game.
  • Wow, that game somehow graphically looks worse then the older ones! Player movement looks stiff and unnatural and it looks like the skates are hovering slightly above the ice. Also, live action mixed in with video games will never work! EVER! It just looks out of place and takes you out of the experience
  • Can't wait to check it out. Let's go Islanders!

  • Bummer... I was really looking forward to next gen hockey. That was awful. I don't understand why they would release TWO videos demonstrating how boring they made the NHL games. Who thought it would be a good idea to use Doc for play by play? He is so annoying, and that voice! But that's not that big a deal when you can get rid of commentary in the options. To bad you can't make it look better or give it better animations or make it run 60 fps. Great job on the stadiums and crowd which I'll never see. Someone should be fired for this.
  • Here's one thing I hope they fix: I don't want to have to put in the code for the season's alternate jerseys just about every time I play. This has been a recurring issue across the series; maybe they can fix it this time?

  • I wish they would turn up the gameplay speed so it feels closer to NHL10. I always end up giving in and buying EA's new NHL game, but it'll just be a year when I have to wait two months before it goes on sale through PSN for 15$ again.
  • That Play-by-play audio sounds like total crap!

  • Oh man... that crowd animation. I haven't bought an NHL game since 2011. I'm definitely picking this on up.