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NHL 14

EA Sports Addresses The Troublesome Goal Interference System

EA Sports released a new video showing off some of the improvements made to goalies in NHL 14.

Goalies are now subject to the same collision physics as other players no matter where they're standing. Along with this improvement, goaltender interference has been more finely tuned for accuracy—an issue that's troubled the community for a while with its inconsistency.

For more details, watch the video below. NHL 14 releases September 10 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

  • I think the REAL news would be if they DIDN'T look more realistic.
  • I'm sorry, but that headline just tickles my funny bone. I know I'm acting on my bias against sports games, but why would someone be excited to read that hockey goalies are going to be more realistic? Heck, I'd rather play an older, less realistic game with humorous AI that makes the sport more entertaining that it ever could be in real life.
  • I'm liking this game, it looks like they've really been trying. I think that this and 2K are the best sport franchises around, always improving.

  • More realistic?  Can we expect lockouts now to coincide with the season?

  • Looks the same..2K needs to go true 3rd Person and allow for full individual teams on mp.   They could kill it.

  • Too bad its not coming to next gen. I might have been interested in buying for the first time im forever even if just for the sake of having some games at launch. Nhl > fifa
  • This series has consistently made great strides in the last few years and I am excited to play this year's installment. If only the Madden team could borrow some of EA's NHL guys, they might get to buy more than one edition every four years...

  • I still remember the good old NHL Hits days, when goalies could be taken away with one hit... I'm looking forward to the day NHL HIts comes out on XBLA.

  • ok

  • referees will make the right call based on the situation.

    Can't wait to see that one.